The LSP project is an open-source project and cares about quality of developed software.

Still there is no absolute warranty about stability of the software on different platforms, so you're using this software on your own risk.

The source code takes a lot of time to develop (instead of drinking beer or doing something else) so it's fair when the spent time is paid.

That's why the project uses donation model: the binary distributions of the software are completely free but the source code for each plugin will be published under the free license only after the donation goal is reached.

On this page you may download the latest binary releases, get the published sources and donate to the unpublished sources to make them published.

System requirements

LSP plugins are developed to support LADSPA, LV2 and LinuxVST formats and at least i586 and x86_64 architectures. Plugins that require MIDI channels are not implemented in LASDPA format due to format's restrictions. Also there are available standalone versions for JACK server.

The LADSPA distribution requirements:

The LV2 distribution requirements:

The LinuxVST distribution requirements:

The JACK distribution requirements:

The profiling distribution requirements:

Known list of supported plugin hosts:

Binary distribution

You may download the latest release from

Download LSP Plugins

You also may view all previous releases here.

Source code

Source code is accessible from SVN repository at

Currently there is the following list of published plugins:

You may help to get source code of other plugins published under the free license by donating the project.

You may subscribe or donate project on

Currently collecting money for publishing:

Priority Plugin name Goal
1 LSP Verzögerungsausgleicher $100
2 LSP Phasendetektor $300
3 LSP Spektrumanalysator $400
4 LSP Klangerzeuger & Schlagzeug $500
5 LSP Triggersensor $400
6 LSP Parametrischer Entzerrer $400
7 LSP Grafischer Entzerrer $400
8 LSP Kompressor $400
9 LSP Gate $200
10 LSP Expander $200
11 LSP Dynamikprozessor $300
12 LSP Begrenzer $300
13 LSP Impulsantworten $300
14 LSP Slapback Delay $100
15 LSP Impulsnachhall $200
16 LSP Oszillator $100
17 LSP Latenzmessgerät $200
18 LSP Multi-band Kompressor $500

The developers spent a couple of time to make plugins, so it could be nice to convert the spent time into some music stuff or studio gear.

Unless many commercial or proprietary projects, LSP project does not sell license keys or offer technical support for enterprise solutions.

The final donation goal for each plugin is comparable to (and in most cases less than) the monthly salary of the Software Engineer outside the United States and Silicon Valley.

For example, $1000 donated to the project is less than 10 individual license purchases of the OverTone DSP AF2-10/M Stereo Graphical EQ plugin and is the price for only one Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 audio interface.