The LSP project is an open-source project and cares about quality of developed software.

Still there is no absolute warranty about stability of the software on different platforms, so you're using this software on your own risk.

Unless many commercial or proprietary projects, LSP project does not sell license keys or offer technical support for enterprise solutions.

Binary distribution

You may download the latest release from

Download LSP Plugins

You also may view all previous releases here.

Source code

Source code is accessible from GIT repository at

You may stimulate development of plugins by subscribing or donating project on

Because project needs regular support, small bounty subscription is much more preferred rather than huge but one-time donation.


For source code distributions you may build plugins from scratch. You need the following packages to be installed:

Currently there is no automake supported, so to build plugins you have to type:

make install

To build binaries for debuggin/profiling, use the following commands:

make profile

You may also specify the installation root by specifying DESTDIR attribute:

System requirements

LSP plugins are developed to support LADSPA, LV2 and LinuxVST formats and at least i586 and x86_64 architectures. Plugins that require MIDI channels are not implemented in LASDPA format due to format's restrictions. Also there are available standalone versions for JACK server.

The LADSPA distribution requirements:

The LV2 distribution requirements:

The LinuxVST distribution requirements:

The JACK distribution requirements:

The profiling distribution requirements:

Known list of supported plugin hosts: