Sidechain Limiter Stereo - Sidechain-Begrenzer Stereo

Sidechain-Begrenzer Stereo

Detailed: LSP Sidechain-Begrenzer Stereo - Sidechain Limiter Stereo (SCB1S)

Formats: LADSPA, LV2, LinuxVST, JACK

Categories: Dynamics, Limiter

Developer: Vladimir Sadovnikov


This plugin implements a brick-wall limiter with flexible configuration. It prevents input monosignal from raising over the specified Threshold. Additional sidechain inputs are provided for better use.

Attention: this plugin implements set of limiting modes, most of them are iterative. That means that CPU load may be not stable, in other words: the more work should be done, the more CPU resources will be used. Beware from extreme settings.


'Limiter' section:

'Signal' section: