LSP Plugins 1.2.16 released!


LSP Plugins 1.2.15 released!


LSP Plugins celebrates the 8th anniversary and introduces the 1.2.14 release!


LSP Plugins 1.2.13 released with bugfixes and improvements!


LSP Plugins 1.2.12 released!


LSP Consumer survey!

If you are regularly observing the evolution of LSP Project, you probably already noticed that LSP Plugins are moving towards Windows support.

Despite we're not planning to distribute them for free for Windows platform while keeping Linux and FreeBSD builds free.

The main reason is, if people use proprietary solutions, then it is pretty fair to ask money for the job that developers of LSP project already did for almost 8 years of the project activity.

That's why we publish the consumer survey, to understand the value of our product and the price that we can ask for the binary distributions of the product for Windows.

Please take some time and complete the survey to make our job even better:


LSP Plugins 1.2.11 released!


LSP Plugins 1.2.10 released!


LSP Plugins 1.2.8 released!

This is a pretty hard release because we introduce four new plugin series!


LSP Plugins 1.2.7 released.


LSP Plugins 1.2.6 released.


LSP Plugins 1.2.5 released.


The anniversary release 1.2.4 of LSP Plugins is ready.


LSP Plugins 1.2.3 released!


LSP Plugins 1.2.2 released!


Release 1.2.1


Release 1.2.0.


This is traditional release up to the anniversary of LSP Plugins.

There are no huge differences in the source code tree and the release consists mostly of user contributions.

But the primary goal is that the 1.1.x development branch becomes frozen until the upcoming 1.2.0 release will be ready.

The set of changes is the following:


LSP Plugins 1.1.30 released!


LSP Plugins 1.1.29 released!


LSP Plugins 1.1.28 available!

Today we celebrate 5 year since the 1.0.0 release. That's hard to imagine but the huge amount of work has been done.

For these 5 years LSP Plugins became one of the top audio plugins used in Linux music production. Among this period new requirements came to the project and we tried to fulfill them all while caring for the quality, stability and performance of the software.

Anyway, there are some requirements that don't fit into the project and require th codebase to be rewritten. This year was dedicated for refactoring and decomposition of core modules but, sadly, the refactoring process did not end up to the end of this year. Hope we'll finally end up with the 1.2.0 release in the next year which will refresh the internal plugin architecture and change user and developer experience.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The overall list of changes


New version of LSP Plugins 1.1.26 available!


LSP Plugins 1.1.24 released!

New release of LSP Plugins is available with the following changes:


LSP Plugins 1.1.22 released!


LSP Plugins are currently moving towards 1.2.0 release but that requires huge core updates which are now in progress. This is basically set of minor fixes to the current source tree.


This is mainly the patch set to the latest 1.1.17 release.

List of changes:


LSP Plugins 1.1.17 - set of fixes.

This release solves some additional problems found since 1.1.14 and 1.1.15 release. The full list of changes:


LSP Plugins 1.1.15 is out!

This release mostly fixes problems found in the 1.1.14 release.

The overall list of changes:


LSP Plugins 1.1.14 is out!


LSP Plugins 1.1.13 - hotfix release.

This is mostly hotfix release aimed to fix problems on processors that provide AVX instruction set but do not provide AVX2 instruction set. Short list of changes:


LSP Plugins 1.1.11 is ready!

This release is published exactly 4 years after the 1.0.0 release of LSP Plugins and is aimed to close many core and UI technical debts. All these changes make LSP Project much better in the UI experience and much faster from the DSP perspective.

That's because support of additional features like drag&drop, bookmarks and some other neat features were added to the graphical toolkit.

From the other side, low-level DSP code is additionally optimized with AVX and AVX2 instruction sets which allow to gain additional performance benefits on processors which have fast AVX implementation (All Intel Core 6 generation processors and above, AMD Zen generation processors and above). There was improved support of AArch64 architecture, and some part of DSP code already has been ported to this architecture. The DSP code for ARMv7 architecture also has been additionally refactored and optimized.

Also, the project became more portable because introduced it's own support of XML document parsing mechanism and does not require the expat library more.

The overall list of changes is the following:


LSP Plugins release 1.1.10 is ready!

The development of 1.1.10 version took the longest cycle in contrast to previous releases.

All the changes were planned since January 2019 but many supplementary problems should be solved first.

This release contains a lot of internal plugin framework changes, implementation of new UI widgets and, probably, a killer toy: LSP Room Builder plugin series. This plugin allows to simulate impulse response of ANY room (and not only room). You just need to model it first in a 3D editor/designer and export as a Wavefont (OBJ) file.

The overall changelist is the following:


This is mostly a hot-fix release for regressions occurred in a 1.1.7 release. Anyway, there are also some couple of new changes:

Also, you may now observe LSP Plugins in KXStudio repositories as a lsp-plugins package.


We care about the quality of provided plugin bundle and release new bug-fix release that contains the following changes:


We publish new 1.1.5 release with many improvements exactly three years after the 1.0.0 release!

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!


Release 1.1.4 is coming out with a lot of new changes!

First of all, LSP Plugins became completely open source and are licensed under terms of GNU LGPL v3 license!

Additionally, experimental support of ARMv7-A architecture added, basically for Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ devices.

The overall list of changes is listed below:


New release with many improvements is ready!


After hard work, new release of LSP Plugins, version 1.1.2, is ready!

The main list of changes is following:


LSP Plugins release 1.1.1 available. Some bugs related to the new UI were fixed.

Also some improvements of already existing plugins were done. Here is the complete list of changes:


Happy New 2018 Year!

Accurately to this date we've gathered donations for new Source Code Release - SCR 1.0.4!

The changelog is, as usual, simple:


After a long delay, the new 1.1.0 release hase been made!

Today we also celebrate the second year of project lifetime since the 1.0.0 release!

The release slogan can be pronounced as: "Farewall to GTK!", that's why this release includes a lot of HUGE UI changes, so please try it carefully before using on your projects!

The overall changelist is the following:


New release 1.0.26 available.


Source Code Release (SCR) Version 1.0.2 of plugins now available!

The donation goal of $300 for the Phase Detector plugin has been reached some days ago thanks to your donations.

Source code release 1.0.2 is accessible from SVN repository at

You may help the source code of other plugins to become released by donating the project.

More information about donation and policy of source code publishing may be obtained here.


The new release of LSP Plugins is available! This release does not contain huge impreovements but we have another good news: Stefano Tronci aka Crocoduck has joined to LSP Project team and provided his first plugin!

The complete set of changes:


New release 1.0.23 available. Mostly it's a bug-fix release.


The new 1.0.22 release of LSP Plugins is available. Many optimization work was done relative to realtime convolution algorithms. Also, as usual, new plugins are implemented. Detailed changelog:


LSP Plugins package version 1.0.20 is out! There are many changes since previous release.


LSP Plugins celebrate one year since first 1.0.0 release! This day, new release of version 1.0.18 has been published.


LSP Plugins have joined KVR Audio Developers Challenge 2016!

The official page of competition bundle is available at this link

This is special release of bundles and does not contain regular plugin bundles. But this release may be independently set up on your system

We need your votes! Please support bundles by your votes and reviews! All competitors are available here


Release 1.0.16 continues the extension of the set of dynamic processors. This release adds two additional bundles - Gate and Expander. Also there are couple of changes to the UI engine. More information below:


LSP Plugins bugfix release 1.0.15.


New release from Linux Studio Plugins Project, version 1.0.14.


LSP Plugins version 1.0.12 released!

Many optimization work was done that highly increase performance. Additional features are now provided for most plugins. Here is the following list of changes:


Version 1.0.11 of plugins has been released.


Source Code Release (SCR) Version 1.0.0 of plugins now available!

The first donation goal of $100 has been reached some days ago thanks to your donations.

Source code is accessible from SVN repository at

You may help the source code of other plugins to become released by donating the project.

More information about donation and policy of source code publishing may be obtained here.


Version 1.0.10 of plugins has been released.


Version 1.0.8 of plugins has been introduced.


An update 1.0.7 that fixes some problems has been released.


Version 1.0.6 has been released!


Version 1.0.4 has been released!


Version 1.0.3 has been released!

Many refactoring and some bugfixes have been done:


New release 1.0.2 available! Now plugins are fully compatible with LinuxVST plugin format!


Happy new year! The version 1.0.1 was released! The most significant changes:


Project officially announced, the first demo video is available on the video page.


The version 1.0.0 of the binary plugin package has been released.

You may get the release files from the download page.


The project becomes it's own domain name and site.


The project has been started. The first commit with initial import was made to the code repository.