Artistic Delay Stereo

K√ľnstlerische Verz√∂gerung

Detailed: LSP Artistic Delay Stereo (KV16S)


Categories: Delay

Developer: Vladimir Sadovnikov


This plugin allows to construct almost any desired delay using up to 16 delay lines and 8 tempo settings.

Each delay line provides possibility to control:

Almost all parameters can be smootly automated.

The delay alows to set up to 256 seconds delay for each delay line. This may yield to huge memory consumption. To get some memory economy, the memory is consumed in on-demand mode: the delay line allocates memory only if it is turned on in the delay effect.

The following restrictions are defined for parameters:

Master Channel section: Indicators: Global Delay Line Controls section: Tempo Settings section: Delay Line section - allows to control settings for each of 16 delay lines: