Autogain Stereo

Autogain Stereo

Detailed: LSP Autogain Stereo (AG1S)


Categories: Envelope

Developer: Vladimir Sadovnikov


This plugin provides automatic gain control tools that support loudness matching according to the ITU-R BS.1770-4 recommendation. That means that the input signal is being processed via the weighting filter (K-filter) before the measurement of it's energy is performed. According to the BS.1770-4 recommendation, the energy measurement period should be of 400 milliseconds but the plugin allows to vary this value. As an additional option, it also provides other kind of weighting filters provided by the the IEC 61672:2003 standard: A, B, C and D weighting filters.

If the level of the signal rapidly changes, the plugin can also rapidly reduce the shocking effect of the loud sound and (if enabled) rapidly raise the gain, too. Despite, because it uses RMS measurements, it does not fully protect from sudden loud clicks/pops, and aditional surge protection should be applied. Additional control over the zero level also makes the plugin act as a trigger: if the signal is below the mimum level, then the gain value does not change. This prevents from significant amplification of a background noise in the case of long silence at the input.



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