Crossover MidSide x8

Frequenzweiche MidSide x8

Detailed: LSP Crossover MidSide x8 (FW8MS)


Categories: Utility

Developer: Vladimir Sadovnikov


This plugin converts the stereo input singnal into Mid/Side signal and performs split of the Mid/Side signal into separate frequency bands passed to individual Mid/Side output channels. Additionally it provides output monitoring channel to control the result of summing signals passed to individual Mid/Side output channels. The output Mid/Side signal also can be inspected by pressing MS Listen button. The additional benefit of using monitoring channel is that the plugin may be placed in the middle of track/bus without creating an additional bus for processing.

By default plugin enables 4 frequency bands but overall number of used frequency bands may vary from 1 to 8. Each range of the frequency band can be adjusted by specifying the slope of the corresponding Low-pass and High-pass filters. The frequency graph allows to view characteristics of filters for each frequency band and the result of summing the frequency response for all filters. For better audio engineering the plugin addionally provides FFT analysis of input and output signal.

Additional Linear Phase mode allows to split audio signal into multiple frequency bands with linear phase shift. This introduces additional latency but gives several benefits:

Note that Phase and Delay band parameters do not affect the estimated frequency graph which is computed for non-inverted band phase and zero delay value. For another settings, the actual frequency response can be obtained from the FFT analysis of the output signal.


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