Multiband Clipper Mono

Multiband Clipper Mono

Detailed: LSP Multiband Clipper Mono (MBCL1M)


Categories: Dynamics

Developer: Vladimir Sadovnikov


This plugin allows to drive much more loudness by cutting extra peaks and reach extreme loudness levels at the output. The key features are following.

Classic and Linear Phase crossover modes allow to bring more flexibility to the mastering process. Low-pass and High-pass pre-filters allow to cut unnecessary frequencies before processing. Dithering allows to add some dithering noise to the signal and make the final mix more detailed. Loudness limiting option allows to control the input loudness, per-band loudness and input loudness at the output clipper. Overdrive protection allows to add short-time compression to the signal to make clipping effect less noticeable. Multiple sigmoid functions allow to select the best sounding clipping funciton. Input and output loudness measurments allow to control loudness level of the signal in LUFS.

The simlified schema of the device is shown on the figure below.

Simplified scheme of the audio processing


Signal section:

Global Threshold section:

Analysis section:


Crossover section:

Band tabs:

Output Clipper tab: