Multiband Gate LeftRight x8 - Multi-band Gate LeftRight x8

Multi-band Gate LeftRight x8

Detailed: LSP Multi-band Gate LeftRight x8 – Multiband Gate LeftRight x8 (MBG8LR)

Formats: LADSPA, LV2, LinuxVST, JACK

Categories: Gate

Developer: Vladimir Sadovnikov


This plugin performs multiband gating of of stereo input signal by applying individual processing to left and right channels separately. Flexible sidechain-control configuration isprovided. Additional dry/wet control allows to mix processed and unprocessed signal together.

As opposite to most available multiband gates, this gate provides numerous special functions listed below:


'Signal' section:

'Analysis' section:

'Split Left' and 'Split Right' sections - allow to quckly control all bands and provides most frequently used controls for Left and Right channels of stereo signal independently:

'Band N' section - allows to simultaneously control all parameters of gates of Left and Right channels assigned to the selected frequency band: