Multi-Sampler x12 DirectOut

Schlagzeug x12 Direktausgabe

Detailed: LSP Multi-Sampler x12 DirectOut (SZ12D)


Categories: Instrument

Developer: Vladimir Sadovnikov


This plugin implements 12-instrument MIDI sample player with stereo input and stereo output. For each instrument there are up to eight samples available to play for different note velocities. Also each instrument has it's own stereo output that makes possible to record instrument outputs into individual tracks.

Import SFZ files feature

The plugin allows to import the limited SFZ files..

All regions are sorted and grouped by the group label and the note number taken from the SFZ file as a single instrument. If the number of instruments is more than 12 then all instruments above this count are ignored.

The import of embedded into SFZ audio files is also supported.

The supported list of opcodes:

Import Hydrogen kits feature

The plugin allows to import Hydrogen drumkit files by selecting 'Import' → 'Hydrogen drumkit file...' menu item. The file dialog allows to select the desired Hydrogen kit and import.

Additional to this feature, the Override Hydrogen kits feature is also provided and can be enabled via the 'User paths...' menu item or the 'UI behavior' → 'Override Hydrogen kits' menu item.

The main idea of the feature is following.

Additionally to the usual Hydrogen drumkit installation paths, user can specify additional drumkit installation path in the 'User paths' dialog. This will trigger automatic rescan of Hydrogen drumkits on each change of this parameter. All found drumkits will be available in the 'Import' → 'Installed Hydrogen drumkits' menu.

User also can specify the 'Hydrogen drumkit override path' that will be used to search for configuration files that will override the original Hydrogen drumkits.

If the 'Override Hydrogen kits' option is set, the behaviour of the plugin is the following.

When loading hydrogen drumkit via the 'Import' → 'Hydrogen drumkit file...' menu item or selecting one of the drumkits listed in the 'Import' → 'Installed Hydrogen drumkits' menu, the plugin removes the base path of the selected file if it matches one of the following paths:

If the base path has been successfully removed, the plugin tries to search the file with the same relative path but the different extension ('*.cfg') in the following directories:

If the corresponding configuration file was found, the plugin uses this file for loading drumkit settings instead of the original Hydrogen drumkit file.

Also note that 'User Hydrogen kits path' and 'Override user Hydrogen kits path' allow to use system environment variables for path substitutions. For example, the following value:


Will be interpreted as:


If the system environment variable 'KIT_NAME' is set to 'my_drumkit'.



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