Oscilloscope x2

Oscilloscope x2

Detailed: LSP Oscilloscope x2 (O2)


Categories: Utility

Developer: Stefano Tronci


This plugin implements a simple, but flexible, oscilloscope.

Each oscilloscope channel has the following features:

The X channel is used to drive the horizontal coordinate of the trace plotted on the oscilloscope graph in XY and Goniometer operation. In Triggered mode the horizontal coordinate is driven by an internal sweep generator.

The Y channel is used to drive the vertical coordinate of the trace plotted on the oscilloscope graph.

The EXT (external) channel is an alternative channel that can be used to drive the trigger.

All channels can be freely oversampled and passed through a DC blocking filter.

In a more general fashion with respect most scopes, each channel has a full set of channels and can have a different timebase. Multichannel scopes also have general controls that can be used to override multiple channels.



The Oscilloscope Graph and the controls above and below it are documented below.

'Controls' section:

This section, located at the rigtmost side of the UI, contains the main oscilloscope controls.

'Global Settings' section:

These controls are available only for multichannel scopes, and are located on the right of the oscilloscope graph. They are exactly the same of the 'Controls' section: and are used to override the single channels settings.

In order to override one channel control with the global, select the channel with the Channel Selector and activate the On button in the top of the Global Settings section.