Import a Hydrogen Drumkit into Multi-Sampler

Our goal is to import an existing 808 drumkit into the Multi-Sampler, configured so that:

This allows us to program a full drum kit using a single sampler and to mix, modify, or add effects to each drum individually.

Download a Hydrogen drumkit:

There are a lot of free Hydrogen drumkits available on the internet. For now, lets start with the 808 kit that comes with Hydrogen.

Import the Hydrogen drumkit:

Test the kit:

Create a template

Adjust panning

The good recommendation to start with every instrument panned to the center and then adjust panning per session as desired.

Set one channel and note per instrument

Right now if we use a midi keyboard every sample is triggered at the same time.

Let's configure it so that each sample is triggered by a single key and sent out on a single channel.

Save your kit