Slapback Delay Mono

Slapback-Delay Mono

Detailed: LSP Slapback Delay Mono (SD16M)


Categories: Delay

Developer: Vladimir Sadovnikov


This plugin allows to add set of short delays of the original signal to the output mix. Each delay can be used to simulate the early reflections of the signal from walls. This allows to make the stereo image of the original signal wider, and the position of the source more definitive in the mix. Equalizers provided for each delay line allow to simulate the fading of the original signal. Every delay can be set in time, distance and musical time units. Also common pre-delay and time-stretching mechanisms are provided to allow the stereo image to change dynamically. Additionally, ramping mode is provided to smoothen change of delay on automation.

Remember that for more realistic acoustic picture the more delay is the more low and high frequencies are cut from the delayed signal.

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